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How does Bluecode offer such amazing prices on our standard labels?

Well, our standard "off the shelf" labels range is manufactured in high volume keeping our costs down. These cost savings are then passed on to our lower usage customers thus offering a cost effective solution to your labelling requirements.

About Electrical / Warning Labels

At BLUECODE, we manufacture a large range of electrical & warning labels made to each customer’s specific requirements. These labels usually divulge important information eg.

Danger 240V, Caution Hot Surface, Warning – Moving Parts, etc. They are usually brightly coloured, informative and are over laminated for durability in harsh environments with a wide range of adhesives to suit each application.

Warning Label   Warning Labels

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For more information about the products & services BLUECODE Labelling Technology offer, please use our on-line contact form or why not call us on 01788 576100 where a member of our staff will be pleased to assist you.